Chirpie for iPhone

Introducing Chirpie for iPhone


Followers of my Twitter feed will have yesterday seen that I am very close to launching a new Twitter client for iPhone, called Chirpie (see So what is Chirpie? Will it beat the skitch out of Twitterrific, Tweetie or Echofon? The short answer is not just yet, the longer answer is this:

Chirpie has been developed with one simply idea in mind:

Empower the user to tweet quickly, do it simply, let it have flexibility.

With this simple notion as the backbone of the app, I’ve developed something which I find a bit of a gem. An app that lets me tweet pretty much instantly. No heavy waiting sessions whilst you wait for a Twitter timeline to load, no navigating through views to get to the tweet window.

Sounds simple right? Well, it kind of is, but it has some nice twists:

  • An intuitive way to reply to friends, and handle new friends.
  • Quick access to common functions such as the Camera, URL shortening, Geo Tweet etc
  • Tweet Persistence, when switching accounts, and when leaving the app
  • Pasteboard functionality to speed up your flow
  • Advanced app settings, one being switching Chirpie into Turbo-Mode

You’ll be able to tweet straight off the bat, send, done. Or, you can take some time, play with the toolkit, send or just save for later.

Chirpie has a simple, clean interface when tweeting, no buttons all over the place for all the different functionality with icons that make no sense, just one simple way to reveal what you need.

But this is just the start, I want Chirpie break free of it’s little egg - build on these foundations to bring a Twitter client with a difference. Let’s see how we go.

Beta Testers Required

So when can you get your hands on it? Well my friends, very, very soon. We’re currently looking for Beta testers, so head on over and friend us up on twitter (@ChirpieApp), or keep an eye on our teaser site for more. Spread the word about Chirpie and you may find your way up that list ;-)

And the sweet spot?

Chirpie will be a free download to all. Coming Soon!

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